The Appointment Sequence for Dental Implant Treatment is often tailored program depending on each individual treatment.

Before considering Dental Implants you will need to have a Consultation with a Dentist who can recommend the correct treatment program to suit your needs, discuss the time-frame for treatment and detail the likely costs involved.

For patients who are missing one single tooth, and have adequate bone to fit the dental implant, then the following sequence of appointments would usually be expected:

Dental Implant Consultation Appointment
Dental Implant Placement Appointment
After an osseo-integration period of between two and six months – a scan or impression of the Dental Implant is taken to begin to construct the crown.
Crown Insertion Appointment is two weeks following the impression, and the top of the tooth is placed permanently.

If a tooth needs removal before the implant is to be placed, then Delayed Implant Placement is usually performed. This means that the tooth is removed, and a period of time is allowed for the gum and bone to heal. Once bone healing has reached a critical point, then the implant is placed, and a period of time is allowed for sufficient osseointegration, then the final abutment and crown is placed on top of the tooth.

In particular cases, implants can be immediately placed when a tooth is removed.

In some cases bone grafts may need to be placed after removal of the tooth, and prior to Dental Implant Placement. Whilst this may increase the healing period, this will help to ensure sufficient healthy bone for the best possible cosmetic and functioning result.

After final crown placement, it is important to maintain good Oral Hygiene practices and attend regular checkups with our Hygienists and Dentist to maintain good gum health around your implant for life.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


Further Dental Implant Information

Our Dental Implant Philosophy

Dental Implants should be used to supplement your Dental Health and provide you with replacement teeth that remain stable and healthy for a long time. This often means that a Total-Mouth Approach is required, ensuring your Gums are healthy, teeth and Implants remain strong, and that your smile appearance is as you have wished.

Number, position, material for dental implants is also considered to provide a well-engineered, long-term treatment with materials and implants functioning with-in safe limits and high percentage of success.

Dental Implant Indicators

Bone Shape and Size
Bone Quality
Gum Health
Adjacent Teeth Health
Bite Setup
Cosmetic Appearance of all teeth
General Mouth and Medical Health

Dental Implant Technology

To ensure consistency at Dental Esthetics Center for all of our patients, our Dentists use very thorough computer technology which reconstructs and plans Dental Implant surgery on a computer. In larger detailed cases, we will make use of this technology to create a guide which essentially guides the Dental Implant into place in the jaw. This technology is available onsite within Smile Artistry and means that patients of Smile Artistry are rarely in a position where they are without their teeth.

Details about our Dental Implant Plans

Your plan will identify the following areas of treatment:

URGENT TREATMENT is recommended to be completed as soon as possible and is aimed to halt decay and gum disease as soon as possible and to stop the progression of other developing problems. This usually means removing all teeth which have an expected life of less than 5 years.

SHORT-TERM TREATMENT aims to build on this improved health and is typically aimed at early functional improvements for your teeth such as replacing defective fillings and ensuring gum health remains consistent. This will involve Bone Grafting and Placing the Dental Implants into the jaw.

MEDIUM-TERM TREATMENT aims to continue the first two steps and deliver healthy and strong teeth for life. This stage in a Dental Implant Plan involves the construction and delivery of your new permanent dental implant teeth.

LONG-TERM TREATMENT aims to keep everything healthy. Routine Check-up and cleaning appointments by Smile Artistry are essential.

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