Replacement Of All Of Your Teeth In A Jaw

There is no need for dentures when Dental Implants can be used to hold fixed-in Porcelain-Zirconia Bridges.

✓ Immediate fixed-in teeth on the day of surgery
✓ Streamlined process to reduce number of surgeries and appointments
✓ Optimal implant number in key positions
✓ Surgery and Specialist Medical Anaesthetist for sedation
✓ Local Brisbane Dentists with international ICOI Diplomate Credentials
✓ Onsite Dental Laboratory with onsite Cad-cam facilities

On all Implants Procedure Consults and Planning are first required to ensure this treatment is most suitable and no alternative options are available.

A virtual surgery is planned on the computer along with a waxup of the new shapes of your teeth.

The first major stage is the implant surgery. Any remaining teeth are removed. The Dental Implants are placed and temporary fixed-in teeth are fixed into position. This appointment is performed under I.V. Sedation with a Specialist Medical Anesthetist.

Following Healing, your final bridge is made. This will be constructed from Titanium and Resin Teeth or from Zirconia.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Lower Full Dentures, and even Upper Full Dentures can be uncomfortable when they have no fixation. Teeth were intended to be fixed to our jaws, to not float around in the mouth on our gums. When Dentures have no way of fixating to the moving jaw, we commonly find patients complain of difficulties in eating, chewing, and speech due to movement and lack of stability.

We find the first and easiest stage of treatment is placing two or three Dental Implants underneath a Lower Full Denture, providing adequate denture retention to chew again with confidence. If your existing plate is well fitting it can be connected to the dental implants using a locator attachment that is easily engaged and allows the plate to be removed for cleaning at least twice daily. This is not a life-long treatment, but adding extra implants in the future would give extra stability with the expectation you will receive a longer-lasting treatment.

With Dental Implant – Denture Stabilisation it is VERY IMPORTANT to have routine twice annual checkups. This ensures that relines of your denture are maintained, and your increased chewing force and strength is monitored.

Limitations of Treatment

There are limitations in the anatomy of lower jaw structure, including tooth loss and bone volume loss, and position of the lower jaw’s dental nerve.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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