White fillings have been the material of choice for tooth fillings for more than two decades, and advances in materials and techniques mean that our white fillings are even more natural looking, more polished, and have an improved combination of strength, finish and longevity than ever before.

A Modern Alternative to White Composite Resin Fillings are Porcelain Fillings

Time to Replace Your Old, Amalgam Fillings?

Old failing, black metal amalgam fillings hold potential for future problems within our teeth. Time is showing that old amalgam restorations and dental fillings create stress on the surrounding tooth structure, and in the end, teeth can crack and break down, or decay could leak underneath these fillings.

If treated early, teeth have better long-term prognosis. At Dental Esthetics Center, we can advise when it is time to replace old amalgam fillings.

Are White Fillings Right for You?

White fillings are a great treatment option for many people, though in the case of teeth that have larger holes or cracks, we may recommend using porcelain crowns or porcelain onlays to restore the tooth to full strength. Porcelain onlays are stronger, and will usually outlast white fillings. This returns the integrity to your tooth, and helps to prevent fatal fractures, and further breakdown that could lead to root canal treatment or extraction.

White Fillings Life Expectancy

White Fillings may last from just a few years right up to a few decades. Generally, the smaller the filling, the longer it will last. Very large white fillings will require a porcelain crown or onlay to rebuild the lost strength in the tooth.

Particularly with back teeth, the width of a filling is a good determinant of the intact strength of the remaining tooth structure.  When this width increases over one third, and definitely over half from cusp tip to cusp tip, then strength is greatly diminished.  In these instances, dental fillings will not suffice long-term, and the tooth will need to be strengthened by covering over the entire top of the tooth with an onlay or crown.


What is a filling used for?

They are used for repairing decay, chips, broken teeth, or defects in teeth

How much do tooth fillings cost?

There is an estimated cost, starting from $182 per filling. This is dependent on the number of surfaces the filling extends to.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The treatments required typically include a local anaesthetic to numb the affected area in the mouth, drilling, the placement of the filling, along with adjustment and polishing.

What is the expected treatment duration?

You can expect one appointment of 30-60 Minutes. (Dependent on the number of fillings required)

Is a follow up consultation required?

You will require regular check-ups, and you might require bite adjustment.

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