The Second Opinion

A second opinion in Dentistry can provide a patient with a different point of view.

A second opinion is often best performed without the knowledge of the first opinion.

In finding and diagnosing Dental Problems, there is a large degree of subjectivity. This can often result in various opinions from different Dental Practitioners.

You can be assured our Dentists will provide an opinion which is aimed to provide long-term health to your teeth and mouth.

Often, we see New Patients who request a Consultation in regards to one aspect of their mouth.

A Consultation allows our Dentists to focus on the presenting concern and address that concern with focus.

Just like our New Patient Exams, a Dental Consult will begin with the assessment of a Dental and Medical History with a focus on the relevance to their Dental Health.

The Benefits Of A Second Opinion

The Benefits of seeking a Second Opinion until you are comfortable:

► Feel comfortable you have sought all possible diagnosis of the problem
► Feel comfortable you have been informed of the severity
► Feel comfortable you understand how to prevent future problems
► Feel comfortable with the various treatment options
► Feel comfortable you understand the risks of the various treatment options
► Feel comfortable with the financial aspects of the various treatment optio

Please discuss your dental concerns with our experienced Downtown Los Angeles dentist.

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