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Dental Crowns are used to restore the enamel layer on front and back teeth that are broken or weakened teeth due to oversized fillings or root canal treatments or fractures and can also be used where teeth are worn, discolored, rotated, poorly shaped, cracked. Dental Crowns can be used to correct discoloration, worn teeth, broken teeth, a large cavity, spaced teeth, and crowded teeth.

Firstly, when a Dental Crown is made, the tooth is prepared to allow for a thin spacing where the crown is to fit around the tooth. A precise 3D digital impression is created using a high-resolution intraoral 3D scanner, that is used to design the crown using a specialized CAD software. The physical crown is than milled from an esthetical zirconia milling block, is then polished and placed in the furnace for zirconia sintering and color characterization/glazing. Once finalized, the dental crown is bonded into position, covering the tooth to slightly below the gums, replacing the missing enamel.

When joining Crowns together, you are able to bridge gaps in between teeth where teeth are missing.  this is known as a bridge.

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Biocompatible, Metal-free Dental Crowns to rebuild and strengthen weak teeth

Our crowns are made of biocompatible, metal-free Esthetic Zirconia, a very strong material that will match the color and translucency of patient’s real teeth. Once placed and bonded the crown becomes a strong cover that entirely lies over the top of a tooth, restoring broken down teeth to their ideal anatomical shape and color, while protecting the remaining tooth structure underneath.

Dental Crowns are indicated to strengthen broken down teeth and prevent teeth from breaking; crowns are now used in many different circumstances for many different reasons.

Traditionally Dental Crowns or Caps have been known for their poor ability to mimic the color and appearance of a natural tooth. With recent advances in technology a new material was developed, Esthetic Zirconia (zirconia-reinforced litium disilicate); we chose to use this material for our dental crown restorations, because of its superior cosmetic appearance and its stress-free and reliable bonding with the tooth.  The great aesthetics is due to the great translucence, opalescence, and fluorescence of the material.

Porcelain crown outside mouth

About the Dental Crown treatment

Treatment required: Local Anesthetic, Drilling, Impressions, Temporary Crown, Bonding, Insertion of Final Crown.

Number of Appointments: One (for SAME-DAY CROWN qualified cases) or Two. 

Treatment time: Same day (for SAME-DAY CROWN qualified cases) or 2-3 weeks (for external lab cases).

Typical Treatment PLAN (if not SAME-DAY) includes:
       Visit One: Consultation
      Visit Two: Crown Preparation, Appointment
       Visit Three: Crown Insertion Appointment

Followup required: Regular Check-ups, Bite adjustment, Cleaning of teeth and gums every six monthly.

Dental Crown Technology

The milling of the inside of a dental Crown is performed by a CAD-CAM Computer system in our own onsite World Class Laboratory. This provides our Technician with high strength inside of the crown whilst maintaining extremely high aesthetic properties and an optimal fit, even better than traditional Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Crowns and regular Zirconia. The newest Esthetic Zirconia material that we now use has an additional benefit, because light can transmit through it in a way that perfectly mimics a natural tooth. Dental Esthetics Center can provide a unique combination of both strength and beauty, that is not widely utilized in the Dental Profession as yet.


Type of Treatment: dental restoration that cover over the entire Tooth.

Used for: Weak or broken Teeth, Discolored Teeth, Chipped Teeth, Crowded Teeth, Spaced Teeth, Cosmetic Enhancement of teeth

Material used: Esthetic Zirconia (zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate)

Products made in: Germany (milled/sintered in our in-house laboratory) or in USA (for external-lab cases).

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