A Gum Lift Involves Lifting The Height Of The Gums

Gum-lifts are used for:

► Removing excess growth of Gum Tissue changing a square tooth to rectangular tooth
► Smiles: Gummy smile reduction (often in conjunction with Porcelain Veneers)
► Function: Exposing hidden, healthy tooth to assist in rebuilding the tooth
► Aesthetics: Adjusting the Gum-line to improve appearance of the gum, tooth and smile

Gummy smiles are characterized by short, square teeth with excessive upper gums displayed when smiling.

Short, “stumpy teeth”

Quite often people can perceive that their smile is unbalanced or shows too much gum or their teeth appear to be too short. This imbalance can be associated with imbalance of gum-line levels on individual or all teeth. If the display of gums occurs when smiling, a “gumlift” (minor gingival tissue re-contouring procedure) can be undertaken to create increased tooth length and a balanced tooth and gum display.

After Gum-lift there will be less gum-line displayed in the smile and teeth length ratio to width should become more appealing with a rectangular length to width ratio.

The Procedure:

The Gums are numbed and then the gum-bone is adjusted to the improved shape using an Electrosurgical Unit, Laser or Micro-surgical Blade. Sutures may be placed and care is taken over the duration of healing.

The Result:

Gum-lift areas should heal to normal appearing and stable gum-lines within a 1-2 week period.


When a client has a ‘gummy smile’, a painless gum-lift procedure can be offered. This usually involves a Laser or Electro-surgical unit and appearance is usually 100% within 48 hours.

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